Angeli Khang nude in Silip Sa Apoy

Angeli Khang having intense sex with a guy during a lightning storm as she rides him fully nude showing off her breasts and body and then turns a bit sideways briefly continuing to ride him before turning around and riding him in reverse while bouncing around on top of him and grinding her hips against him. Next, we see Angeli on her back with her legs up in the air by the guy’s head as he kneels in front thrusting into her and lifting her hips up and down. Finally, we see Angeli standing up bent over with her leg up on a chair and her arms braced on the back of it continuing to have hard sex with the guy behind her as he pulls on her hair and grabs her hips. While all of this is happening Angeli is repeatedly looking over teasing a guy who is spying on them through a peephole in a wall as he gets off on it while he furiously masturbates using a real or possibly prosthetic penis. From Silip Sa Apoy (AKA Peek At The Fire).

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