Heather Graham nude in Killing Me Softly 25608

Heather Graham standing against a bookcase as a guy lifts her shirt and yanks down her bra, revealing her great breasts. The guy then kneels in front of her and reaches up to squeeze them. She then jumps into the guy’s arms and they make out passionately. Next, we see Heather bottomless with her bra pulled up above her breasts as she has sex in the guy’s lap on a circular red rug, her butt in view. The guy then lays her back for a bit before she rolls over and rides him, her breasts jiggling in this very hot sex scene. Finally, we see Heather standing topless in panties as she pulls a stocking up her thigh as the guy watches. From Killing Me Softly. Updated to higher quality. We also offer a fullscreen DVD version that shows slightly more nudity at times due to the difference in framing.

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